[PERMIT-L] National Parks Service "loans"

Ellen Paul ellen.paul at verizon.net
Thu Dec 17 07:03:50 MST 2009

A number of organizations, including the Ornithological Council and the 
Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, along with 
the Field Museum and the Missouri Botanical Garden, have been working on 
this issue for longer than I care to remember (and our efforts followed 
on those of NSCA, which got the ball rolling back in the early 90s). The 
Smithsonian has also engaged in these discussions, though their legal 
situation is somewhat sui generis despite the fact that the underlying 
concerns about the loan policy are the same.

Sorry to report that there has been little progress. We had a final, 
definitive NO from the NPS a year or so ago on the issue of transfer of 
ownership of specimens. Since then, we have been working on alternatives 
that might address the problems that arise from loans, and from related 
NPS policies.

With the change in administration and some promising developments in 
terms of new staff, we hope to pursue the discussion of these 
alternatives with renewed vigor.

Sorry to be vague, but the bottom line is that at this point, there has 
been no change.

Wishing us all a better 2010 in this regard!

Ellen Paul

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> A few years back at the BSA/ASPT Botany meetings some folks were discussing National Park Service rules & policies regarding plants collected on their lands, and there was some mention that they might be reconsidering their position with herbarium specimens -- that is, a voucher isn't the same as a relic or fossil, but the NPS "loan" conditions treat all material equally, which is a pain in the hindquarters for all who have to deal with such specimens in their collections.
> If any one has any recent insights on NPS policy, or how they approach such agreements, I would be interested in hearing.
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